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Head West Team
Updated January 26, 2024
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Our Take:

Based in Singapore, Stamped (aka Stamped.io) is a popular reviews platform that allows merchants to collect and display product reviews. Like Yotpo, Stamped also offers loyalty and rewards features in addition to its core reviews product. It has a good looking review widget UX and customers are able to respond to review requests directly within an email which is great because it reduces the friction to respond to review requests. It also offers Shoppable Instagram galleries as a nice bonus feature. It's not our top pick since its reviews widget is slower than our recommended tool Okendo. Users also complained of bugs leading to the review management platform crashing. We recommend choosing a point solution for reviews and loyalty and getting best-in-class tools for each.

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Best for: Medium ($10M+ revenue) and Enterprise ($50M+ revenue) size companies


Stamped (aka Stamped io) is a reviews platform designed to help eCommerce companies collect and display reviews. It also has loyalty and referral functionality.

Stamped Overview:

Singaporean programmer Tommy Ong created the Shopify app Stamped to help online businesses collect product reviews and user-generated content in order to build trust and boost SEO. He programmed the first version in just 2 days after realizing there was a need for an affordable, easy-to-use review collection app. After testing it successfully on his own ecommerce store and seeing a jump in sales due to increased trust from reviews, Tommy launched Stamped on Shopify's app store. Within its first year, Stamped generated over $1 million in revenue and earned rave reviews from users. Its growth has been fueled entirely by word-of-mouth without any outbound marketing. Tommy sold Stamped for $110M to Tiny Capital in 2021.

Stamped.io Pros 👍:

  • Great looking, customizable reviews widget
  • Reviews, loyalty, and rewards on a single platform
  • Review requests can be responded to directly in email
  • Shoppable Instagram galleries nice bonus feature
  • Includes NPS tracking

Stamped.io Cons 👎:

  • Slower reviews widget than competitors
  • Buggy review management platform leading to crashes
  • Pricier than competitors like Judge.me & Junip

Stamped Features:

Product Reviews and Ratings ⭐

It allows you to capture and showcase high-impact product reviews, photos, and videos, and display them across your website and marketing efforts for increased trust and social proof for your brand.

Loyalty & Rewards 🏅

Stamped.io enables you to create point-based, VIP tier, and hybrid reward programs to increase customer lifetime value and average order value.

Review Request Emails and Text Messages 📧

You can gather reviews by sending personalized review request emails and text messages. One great feature of their review requests is allowing customers to respond to reviews directly within emails rather than going to a separate dedicated website to collect review responses. This will reduce the friction in collecting reviews and increase the review response rate. 

Customizable Review Display Widgets 🖥️

It offers multiple on-site display widgets such as carousels, side drawers, and Instagram feeds, which are fully customizable to fit your brand.

Integrations 🔌

Stamped.io has connections with various platforms and tools including Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more.

Stamped pricing 💰:

Stamped offers tiered pricing based on the number of orders per month. They have a free 'Lite' plan that is free up to 50 orders per month. Their Basic plan is $23 per month and supports up to 200 orders per month and photo reviews. The Premium plan supports up to 500 orders per month and includes support for Facebook reviews. The Business plan costs $149 and supports up to 1,500 orders per month and includes AI sentiment analysis and Google Shopping Reviews. Beyond that is Enterprise pricing which will require a call with their sales team.

Stamped Alternatives: 

Review Platforms

Shopify Product Reviews







Syndicated Reviews



Stamped FAQs: 

What is Stamped used for?

Stamped is primarily a platform for collecting and displaying user reviews of your products. It also offers loyalty and referral functionality.

Does Stamped work for BigCommerce stores?

Yes, Stamped has a BigCommerce integration in addition to support for Shopify, WooCommerce, CS-Cart, and Magento eCommerce platforms.

Is Stamped an official Google reviews partner?

Yes, Stamped is an official Google reviews partner. Those on the Business plan will have access to the Google Shopping Product Reviews feature.

Is Stamped io free?

Yes, Stamped has a free plan, however, it only supports up to 50 orders per month and does not include support for photos in reviews.

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