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Head West Team
Updated October 9, 2023
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Our Take:

For ecommerce brands that sell on Shopify, Okendo is our recommended reviews platform. It offers an affordable yet robust reviews solution. It has a seamless Shopify integration, and its review widget is fast loading and customizable to look good and on brand. There's a reason growing consumer brands like Skims, Buck Mason, and Magic Spoon trust Okendo to host their reviews. And with flexible plans starting at just $19/month, it's easy to upgrade from less robust review options (especially now that Shopify's limited native reviews app has been discontinued). Okendo offers the best mix of features and pricing for product reviews.

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Best for: Medium ($10M+ revenue) and Enterprise ($50M+ revenue) size companies


Okendo offers all of the core functionality that's necessary for a reviews platform at a price that's better than key competitors.

Okendo Overview:

Okendo offers all of the core functionality that’s necessary for a reviews platform at a price that’s better than key competitors (Yotpo). What began as a company called VidTitan, a Shopify app for video testimonials, has evolved into the best all around tool for reviews used by brands including Skims, Buck Mason, Magic Spoon, and Brumate.

Why we like Okendo 👍:

Collecting Reviews

Okendo has a low friction review collection process. It integrates well with our recommended email marketing platform Klaviyo and allows review request emails to be sent directly from Klaviyo. It has built in automations and sending triggers. Okendo allows for high quality image and video reviews in addition to capturing feedback on specific product attributes (sizing etc.) Incentivizing reviews through discounts and rewards is easy to manage directly from Okendo’s platform.

Displaying Reviews

Okendo’s reviews widget has a great looking UX that allows for customization to ensure that it feels on brand on your site’s PDPs. Importantly, its reviews widget won’t slow down your site. People we spoke with complained that competitors’ reviews widgets (Stamped and Yotpo) slowed down their site speeds. Okendo’s reviews widget also allows customers to easily search and filter customer reviews to find the content they’re looking for.

Google Shopping Integration

Okendo is an official Google Reviews partner which allows for Okendo review ratings to be shown in Google Shopping results. This will improve the performance of Google Ads with the addition of social proof and added trust. This is an important feature, and we recommend that whichever Reviews platform you choose has an official Google partnership. The competitors that we are aware of with this partnership are Yotpo, Loox, Bazaarvoice, Stamped, Junip, Judge.me, and Trust Pilot.


Shopify occasionally gets a bad rap for being slow. Unfortunately, the cause of the slowness is often third-party apps that merchants install on their Shopify sites. We could do a whole future guide on site speed, but for now it’s helpful to know that customer review apps are one of the worst offenders when it comes to slowing down your site. Fortunately, Okendo has one of the fastest review apps. Below is data from YOTTAA, a platform that tracks, monitors, and optimizes the performance of nearly 2,000 eCommerce sites on the site speed impact of popular review platforms. When it comes to speed, Okendo is a Porsche 911, and Bazaarvoice and Yotpo are used Honda Civics.

What we don’t like about Okendo 👎:

Referral and Loyalty Integration

Okendo doesn’t have built-in referral and loyalty program functionality that Yotpo offers. Instead, companies will have to find third-party point solutions like Friendbuy, Smile, or Loyalty Lion for this. We recommend this route as we found the point solutions are better in this category than competitors out-of-the-box offerings, but it is something to consider.

Email Survey Responses Inside Email

Okendo doesn’t offer the ability to respond to a review directly within an email. Instead, reviewers will have to click a link to go to a separate webpage to leave their review. This will add a bit of friction to the process. Yotpo offers the ability to leave reviews directly within emails, but in speaking with companies using Yotpo, the collection rate of reviews was not meaningfully higher, and we don’t think this added friction should be a reason to choose a more expensive alternative.

Integrations outside of Shopify

Shopify is the only eCommerce platform that Okendo has an out-of-the-box integration for. This is our recommended eCommerce platform, but if you are using other eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce or WooCommerce you might want to consider an alternative.

Okendo pricing 💰:

Okendo’s pricing is straightforward and based on orders per month. Plans start at $19/month for up to 200 orders and scale to $499 for up to 10,000 orders/month. As always, whisper 'Head West' at checkout for a special discount.

Okendo Alternatives: 

Review Platforms

Shopify Product Reviews







Syndicated Reviews



Okendo FAQs: 

What is Okendo?

Okendo is a software platform for collecting, managing and displaying customer reviews for ecommerce websites. Here are some key things to know about Okendo:

  • Product: It is a customer review software specifically designed for ecommerce companies selling physical or digital products.
  • Features: Key features include review collection widgets, email and SMS review requests, review display widgets, review analytics, integrations with platforms like Shopify and Klaviyo, and customization of review templates and display widgets.
  • Use Cases: Okendo is used by ecommerce businesses to display customer reviews on product pages to build trust and social proof. The review data can also be used to improve products based on customer feedback.
  • Pricing: Okendo has a monthly subscription model starting at $19/month for up to 200 orders. Pricing scales up based on order volume.
  • Company: Okendo was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. It was originally called VidTitan and focused only on video testimonials before expanding into a full reviews platform.
  • Competitors: Main competitors are Yotpo, Bazaarvoice, Trustpilot, Stamped and Loox. Okendo competes on price and features compared to top players like Yotpo.
  • Customers: Okendo is used by over 7,000 ecommerce brands including Skims, Buck Mason, Magic Spoon, Brumate and many more.

What are the advantages of Okendo?

  • Affordable pricing compared to competitors like Yotpo. Okendo's plans start at $19/month.
  • Fast loading reviews widget that won't slow down your site speed. This is a common complaint with other review platforms like Yotpo and Stamped.
  • Integration with Google Shopping to display star ratings in Google Shopping results. This is an important feature that boosts conversions from Google Ads.
  • Easy review collection through integrations with email platforms like Klaviyo. You can send automated review request emails.
  • Allows photo, video, and text reviews. Some competitors limit review length or don't support multimedia.
  • Customizable review widget design to match your brand. The UI is clean and modern looking.
  • Focus on Shopify. Works seamlessly if you are using Shopify.
  • Trusted by fast growing DTC brands like Skims, Buck Mason, Magic Spoon, and Brumate.

What are the disadvantages of Okendo?

  • Limited ecommerce platform integrations: Okendo only has a native integration with Shopify. Additional development work would be required to integrate it seamlessly with other platforms like BigCommerce or WooCommerce and we would recommend another tool for those using those platforms.
  • Loyalty / referral features: Okendo has historically focused solely on reviews. It recently launched a built-in loyalty & referral program functionality to compete with companies like Yotpo with an all-in-one solution. We have yet to test and review this functionality so can't recommend it over point solutions.
  • Can't respond in email: Users have to click a link to leave a review rather than respond directly in a review request email. This adds some friction.

How many customers does Okendo have?

Okendo has 7,700 customers as of October 2023 according to Store Leads data.

Is Okendo an official Google reviews partner?

Yes, Okendo is an official Google reviews partner. Those on the Growth plan will have access to the Google Shopping Product Reviews feature.

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