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Head West Team
Updated January 12, 2024
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Our Take:

Judge.me is a great affordable option and is our recommended tool for eCommerce companies that are just starting out. It's easy to install with just a couple of clicks, and it's cheap. One plan is free, and their premium plan costs only $15 a month. Now that Shopify has discontinued its native reviews app, we think Judge.me is the best alternative. There are limitations however. Its UX especially in the reviews widget trails our recommended tool. It will also send a separate review request email for each product ordered, so your best customer who ordered 20 items will see their inbox flooded with review requests from your brand - not great. For these reasons, we think Judge.me is a great option for stores just starting out, but don't recommend it once your store has scaled.

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Best for: Small businesses (0-$1M in annualized revenue)


Judge.me is a reviews platform designed to help eCommerce companies collect and display reviews that's easy to use and inexpensive.

Judge.me Overview:

Peter-Jan Celis (PJ) started Judge.me in January 2015 after his previous startup, an email arbitration service, failed to hit its revenue targets. Having learned from this experience, PJ wanted to build a SaaS business with consistent, recurring revenue. He decided to create a product reviews and customer feedback app for Shopify stores, believing it could attract many users at a low price point. PJ built Judge.me with his CTO Linh using the Shopify API. PJ operates Judge.me out of Vietnam to tap into the talent pool there while keeping costs low. He focuses on product innovation, great support, and efficiency over growth at all costs.

Judge.me pricing 💰:

Judge.me pricing is as straightforward as it gets. They offer a very generous 'Forever Free' plan which supports unlimited review requests. Their Premium plan costs just $15 per month and unlocks additional features like their Google Product Reviews integration and further customization options for the review email and reviews widget. It also gives the option to remove the Judge.me branding.

Judge.me Alternatives: 

Review Platforms

Shopify Product Reviews







Syndicated Reviews



Judge.me FAQs: 

What is Judge.me?

Judge.me is a platform for collecting and displaying user reviews of your products.

Does Judge.me work for BigCommerce stores?

Yes, Judge.me has a BigCommerce integration in addition to support for Shopify and WooCommerce eCommerce platforms.

Is Judge.me a Google Partner?

Yes, Judge.me is an official Google reviews partner. Those on the $15 per month plan will have access to the Google Shopping Product Reviews feature.

Is Judge.me free?

Yes, Judge.me has a forever free plan that supports unlimited reviews. It will come with Judge.me branding, but we still think it's an incredible value.

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