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Incfile ⚖️

Head West Team
Updated September 12, 2023
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Our Take:

Incfile is our recommended tool for incorporating your business. We think it beats filing yourself and hiring a lawyer to file for you. Forming a legal entity is our recommended first step for eCommerce companies, and Incfile is inexpensive and easy to use allowing you to focus your time on the things that will actually move the needle for your business.

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Incfile offers great service at an affordable price. It lets you quickly and easily form a legal business entity. This lets you focus more time on the things that matter and less time on admin tasks like business formation.

Incfile Overview:

Incfile was founded in Houston, in 2004, by an odd couple: Nick Siha, a firefighter, and Dustin Ray, a music industry exec. Incfile started as a side hustle of a side hustle. Nick, the firefighter, was trying to form an LLC for another side hustle and was frustrated by how difficult and expensive the process was. He partnered with Dustin to form Incfile to make it easier for entrepreneurs to incorporate their business. The company has grown a ton since 2004 and has now helped over one million people form businesses.

Incfiles core service is excellent. It makes incorporating your business quick and painless.This is great because the less brain power you dedicate to admin tasks like legal formation the more you can spend on things that will actually matter for your business.

With Incfile’s Gold package you will have everything you need to incorporate your business. It includes:

  • An Operating Agreement
  • An EIN from the IRS
  • One year of Registered Agent service
  • Lifetime reminders (when filings are due etc.)

Other competitors will upsell you these things that we view as essential, and you will end up paying more for using them.

Incfile offers awesome pricing. They have a great service with some of the least expensive pricing of the competitors we reviewed. Their Silver package offers $0 filing (plus state filing fees), but we recommend their Gold package ($199 + state filing fees) which includes everything you will need to get your business up and running. We think the combination of great service and wonderful pricing is tough to beat.

When it comes to comparing prices, you should be aware of two aspects: the cost to file your business, and the cost to maintain your business (Registered Agent fees). Incfile has some of the least expensive pricing for both.

The charts below compare the price of Incfile against the competition for first year costs and ongoing costs. We’ve included the price for everything we view as essential to incorporate your business (core filing plus Operating Agreement, EIN, and Registered Agent service).

Incfile is one of the best reviewed legal formation services. Typically, we put less emphasis on public review sites, but forming a company is typically a very standardized process, and we weigh the wisdom of the crowd more heavily in this category.

Incfile also has some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. They will file your paperwork within one business day of you filling out the necessary paperwork (at no extra cost). With other competitors you might wait 2+ weeks for them to file for you. When you’re starting a business, you don’t want to wait on a slow incorporating service. You want to get your company incorporated to focus on other more important things (selling your product).

Incfile Pricing 💰: 

Incfile offers three pricing tiers. Their most basic plan is called the Silver package and offers $0 State filing (just pay the State filing fee). This comes with the filing itself (preparing and filing the articles of incorporation), unlimited name searches (to make sure your company name is available), and one year of free Registered Agent services. This is a great deal, but we recommend the Gold package as it includes everything in the Silver package as well as an EIN from the IRS, an Operating Agreement, and lifetime company filing alerts. This is everything you will need to incorporate your business and will cost $199 plus the State filing fee. The Platinum package includes everything in Gold in addition to business contract templates, free next day filing, and a domain name and business email and costs $299 plus the State filing fee. We think you can pass on this and be fine with the Gold package. 

Incfile’s Registered Agent service after the first free year will cost $120 / year. This is something that you’re required to have, and Incfile’s pricing is cheaper than most competitors.

Incfile Alternatives: 


Stripe Atlas





Northwest Registered Agent

Incfile FAQs: 

Is Incfile LLC legit?

Yes, Incfile has helped over one million companies incorporate and has a 4.7 star rating on Trust Pilot and over 12,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

Why not use Incfile?

There are a couple of drawbacks to Incfile: there are limits to its customization ability, its money back guarantee is weaker than some competitors, and some customers complain about their support (especially in cases where the customer has made errors in filing documents).

Does Incfile give you an EIN?

Yes, if you use Incfile’s Gold package you will receive an EIN. However, an EIN is not included in their Silver package.

How many employees does Incfile have?

Incfile has 36 employees listed on Linkedin. 

Which Incfile package is best?

We recommend the Incfile Gold package. It has everything you need to incorporate your business including: 

  • An Operating Agreement
  • An EIN from the IRS
  • One year of Registered Agent service
  • Lifetime reminders (when filings are due etc.) 

What is Incfile’s cancellation policy?

Incfile only offers your money back (less state filing fee and $30 charge) before the paperwork is filed with the state. Because they file paperwork so quickly (within one business day), it is virtually impossible to get money back. If you’re going through the headache of filing a business, we don't think you should have second thoughts, but it’s something to keep in mind.

What are the credentials of Incfile?

Incfile has helped over one million companies incorporate and has a 4.7 star rating on Trust Pilot and over 12,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

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