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Doola ⚖️

Head West Team
Updated February 23, 2024
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Our Take:

Doola offers great service, but their pricing is more expensive than other well-rated competitors (including our recommended filing service Bizee). They recently increased prices from $197 to $297 (both not inclusive of state filing fees) to file an LLC and their ongoing costs of $297 per year are much more expensive than competitors. Their service includes a mailing address and virtual mailbox that other companies will charge ~$350 per year for, but we don’t think that’s necessary for most businesses. Doola is increasingly focused on services post incorporation (tax filing etc.), but those services will incur extra fees, and we think point solutions are better in this case (e.g., one service for incorporating and a separate service for bookkeeping etc.).

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Doola offers business filing services in addition to services for after you've filed (e.g., bookkeeping and invoicing services).

Doola Overview:

Doola (formerly known as StartPack) was founded in 2020 by Arjun Mahadevan who was frustrated by the existing company formation tools and wanted to create something that would not only help people to form their company but also support it post launch. The result was Doola which he took through Y-combinator in Summer 2020.

👉 Check out Doola here

Doola's core service is great. It makes incorporating your business quick and painless. This is great because the less brain power you dedicate to admin tasks like legal formation the more you can spend on things that will actually matter for your business.

With Doola's Standard plan you will have everything you need to incorporate your business. It includes:

  • An Operating Agreement
  • An EIN from the IRS
  • One year of Registered Agent service

Other competitors will upsell you these things that we view as essential.

Doola's core service is well reviewed. Typically, we put less emphasis on public review sites, but forming a company is typically a very standardized process, and we weigh the wisdom of the crowd more heavily in this category.

Doola’s pricing in the first year is competitive with other offerings, but its post year one pricing is where it becomes more expensive than most competitors. The post year one pricing includes a mailing address and virtual mailbox service that other competitors charge ~$350 per year for, but we don't think that service is necessary for most companies.

When it comes to comparing prices, you should be aware of two aspects: the cost to file your business, and the cost to maintain your business (Registered Agent fees).

The charts below compare the price of Doola against the competition for first year costs and ongoing costs. We’ve included the price for everything we view as essential to incorporate your business (core filing plus Operating Agreement, EIN, and Registered Agent service).

We’ve generally found Doola support to be very responsive and helpful. However, we have heard some customers complain about the support. These issues typically arise when the founder is trying to incorporate something other than a plain vanilla LLC or S corp. We recommend those founders instead use a lawyer for the incorporation process. 

👉 Check out Doola here

Doola Pricing 💰: 

Doola offers three categories of pricing. All of their pricing is charged annually. Their Starter plan is $297 per year and includes everything you need to incorporate your business: EIN, Operating Agreement, and Registered Agent services. Other companies will upsell these necessities but it’s included in the price for Doola. The Premium Plan includes everything in the Starter plan in addition to annual state filings and access to their invoicing and bookkeeping products (Quickbooks competitors). Their Total Compliance plan costs $2,397 per year and includes everything in the Premium plan in addition to IRS tax filings and free expedited filing. 

Doola Alternatives: 

Bizee (Incfile)

Stripe Atlas





Northwest Registered Agent

Doola FAQs: 

What does Doola company do?

Doola provides business formation services for companies that want to incorporate in the U.S. They also offer additional services (tax filing etc.) to assist companies after they’ve been formed. 

Is Doola a legit company?

Yes, Doola is legit. Doola has helped thousands of companies incorporate their business. They have a 4.7 star rating and over 1,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. 

Is Doola a bank?

Doola is not a bank, they provide business formation services. Doola offers guidance in setting up US based bank accounts with banking partners, but they are not a bank.

Does Doola give you an EIN?

Yes, all Doola plans include an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS. 

What is Doola’s cancellation policy?

Doola offers a 60 day money back guarantee, but they cannot refund state filing fees. 

What are the drawbacks to Doola?

Doola offers excellent service. The main drawback to Doola is pricing. The cost to file and continue using the Doola service will be more expensive than key competitors.

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