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SMSBump 💬

Head West Team
Updated January 13, 2024
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‍Our Take:

SMSBump is an SMS (text message) marketing platform designed for eCommerce companies. It was acquired by Yotpo (the review platform company) in January of 2020, and is now Yotpo’s SMS offering. While there is a better Yotpo integration with SMSBump, the pricing is higher and its usability trails our recommended SMS marketing tool (Postscript).

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Best for: Medium ($10M+ revenue) and Enterprise ($50M+ revenue) size companies


SMSBump is Yotpo's SMS (text message) marketing platform primarily focused on eCommerce companies.



SMSBump Overview:

SMSBump was founded in late 2017 by Mihail Stoychev and Georgi Petrov, two Bulgarian entrepreneurs with eCommerce backgrounds who discovered that SMS messages have a 95% open rate. They launched SMSBump as a SaaS platform that allows online merchants to easily automate SMS marketing campaigns, targeting customers with personalized messages based on behavior. Within two years, SMSBump grew to serve over 28,000 active online stores across the globe while staying lean at just 16 employees. The company reached nearly €4 million in revenue in 2019 and drove an additional $100 million in sales for its merchants, all while remaining profitable from the start without needing outside investments beyond its €360K seed round. In January of 2020 it was acquired by the eCommerce review platform company Yotpo.


SMSBump Pricing 💰: 

As with all SMS marketing platforms, you will pay per SMS or MMS sent. SMSBump offers four pricing plans: Free, Growth, Prime, and Powerhouse. With each your monthly costs will increase and your cost per SMS or MMS sent will decrease.



SMSBump Alternatives: 




Klaviyo SMS 




SMSBump FAQs: 

What is SMSBump used for?

SMSBump is an SMS marketing (text message marketing) and automation app designed for eCommerce businesses. It allows users to segment customers, recover orders, and send campaign text messages. 


Is there a cheaper alternative to SMSBump?

Yes, we typically recommend Postcript for SMS marketing. It is cheaper than SMSBump ($0.01287 per SMS message vs $0.0149 on the growth plan) and offers more features than SMSBump.


Does SMSBump cost money?

Yes, although they have a free plan, you will need to pay per SMS sent. Pricing starts at $0.0165 per SMS (US).


Does SMSBump work with WooCommerce?

No, unfortunately, SMSBump only works with Shopify and Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento).


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