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Updated April 30, 2024
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Our Take:

Hyros is a multi-touch attribution (MTA) platform. They pitch their product for both info products (eBooks, courses etc.) and eCommerce companies, but we don’t recommend them for eCommerce companies. We think there are better options like Triple Whale and ThoughtMetric for small and medium size eCommerce companies (sub $40M in annual revenue) and Northbeam for larger, enterprise level ($40M+) companies. While Hyros does have some DTC / eCommerce customers (Nudient, Bodybuilding.com, and Type:A), their primary customer base is focused on info products, and they have the who’s who of clients selling info products including Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and Russel Brunson. Hyros has call tracking features which we think make it a good tool for these types of businesses.

Best for: Info products (eBooks, courses etc.)


Hyros is a multi-touch attribution (MTA) tool that supports info product and eCommerce businesses. We recommend it for info products but not eCommerce.

Hyros Overview:

Hyros was founded by Alex Becker in May of 2019. We could write a whole guide just on Alex. He’s super charismatic (check out his YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram) and interested in a wide variety of topics like self-optimization, crypto, and Jiu Jitsu to name a few. Love him or hate him one thing is clear - he's a great salesman. Prior to founding Hyros, Alex sold a variety of courses including one on SEO (Source Wave University - here's a 2014 throwback video of him promoting it), paid advertising (Blackfile), and drop shipping (H-Com). He struggled to track the effectiveness of his ad spend on these courses and also realized SaaS was a more scalable business model than online courses, and so he launched Hyros. On the back of his social presence and marketing chops he grew Hyros to a point where it was eventually sold to a SPAC for $110M in December of 2022. Today, they have over 3,000 customers who spend over $3.5B on paid ads.

What does Hyros do?

Hyros’ marketing promises a lot, so it’s understandable that many won’t understand what they actually do. Its technology can appear like a black box. At its core, Hyros is a multi-touch attribution (MTA) platform. Hyros uses a pixel placed on your website which will track your visitors across multiple advertising touchpoints. It aggregates this data and shows it to you in a dashboard. Hyros helps solve a problem that is common for businesses as they scale and begin using multiple paid ads channels. A typical customer interaction might look like the following: a customer sees a Facebook ad and visits your website, later they see a TikTok ad and go back to your website and sign up for your email list, later they get an email and return to your website and purchase a product. If you look in Facebook, TikTok, and your email platform each of them will take credit for this sale. Hyros will help to show each of the various touchpoints in the journey that actually contributed to the sale and help assign credit for the sale based on where in the journey they happened. This added data will help business owners to better allocate spend to their marketing channels.

Hyros features:

Attribution / Customer Journey

With the Hyros pixel installed you will be able to track the customer journey across multiple paid and organic touchpoints. Hyros is also able to feed this data back to the advertising platforms for better targeting.

Creative Analysis

Hyros has a creative analysis tool similar to Motion or Triple Whale's Creative Cockpit which will help you track the performance of individual creatives.

Retention tools

Hyros has an LTV analysis tool similar to Lifetimely that will give cohort analyses and LTV for your customers. This data will help you make better acquisition decisions by comparing the acquisition cost against the full customer lifetime value (LTV).

Call tracking features

For info products that rely on sales calls as a crucial step in the funnel, Hyros has tools to help you track the performance of these calls. With this you can better understand which sales channels lead to the most qualified leads based on your sales call data. This feature isn’t available with the more eCommerce focused tools and is why we think Hyros could be a good option for info products that rely on sales calls.

What we don't like about Hyros 👎:

Hyros has great marketing, but we think you can get similar features for a better price with their competitors.

Hyros has a great affiliate program for those that recommend Hyros and incentivizes affiliates to sign up other affiliates to promote the product. Disclosure - we are an affiliate. However, this also helps to tip the scales in Hyros’ favor and nearly all Google searches return glowing reviews of Hyros with only passing references to drawbacks with the tool.

This is generally against our philosophy of helping eCommerce companies select the best tools for their business.

Is Hyros a bad tool?

No, but we think there are other better tools that are more focused on improving the product and less focused on optimizing the sales funnel.

What don’t we like about Hyros?

The first thing you’ll notice on Hyros’ pricing page is that you have to schedule a call with the sales team to demo the product and get the pricing. We don’t love this approach. It puts people in their sales funnel who just want to learn something as simple as the price of the tool. The approach of requiring a demo call is taken directly from the info product world. Why do they do it? Because it works. They have optimized the call and the post call experience to sell you on Hyros. That isn’t in and of itself a bad thing if Hyros were truly the best MTA tool, but we don’t think that’s the case.

The platform itself is okay, but we don’t think it's the best for eCommerce companies. Triple Whale is more user friendly (although it only supports Shopify) and ThoughtMetric offers similar functionality and supports all platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce etc.) and will be much cheaper than Hyros. 

Hyros pricing 💰:

Unfortunately, Hyros pricing is not very transparent. They have three tiers of pricing: Organic, Paid Traffic, and Agency. The Organic plan pricing starts at $49 per month but only tracks organic (non-paid traffic). We don’t think this is worthwhile and think there are better free alternatives for organic traffic tracking like Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity. The pricing for the paid traffic plan is not disclosed and requires you to schedule a demo of the tool. To save you the sales call, we’ve taken this pricing chart from an agency that is Hyros approved. It’s potentially out of date, but should give you a rough ballpark of Hyros pricing. The Paid Traffic Hyros plan starts at $369 per month and scales up from there. Its pricing is based on the amount of revenue your company does.

Hyros Alternatives:

Multi Touch Attribution (MTA)

Triple Whale





Free the Pixel (Socioh)

Lifetime Value (LTV) Analysis


Creative Performance Analysis


Business Intelligence (Dashboarding & stitching together multiple data sources)

Source Medium






Google Analytics



Hyros FAQs:

Is Hyros only for Shopify?

No - Hyros supports all eCommerce platforms including Shopify as well as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, and fully custom builds. It also supports info product focused platforms like ClickFunnels.

Who owns Hyros?

Hyros is owned by a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) called Banzai. They are publicly traded on the Nasdaq under the ticker VII.

How much is Hyros?

Hyros’ Organic plan starts at $49 per month and Paid Traffic plan starts at $369 per month. Its pricing scales based on tracked revenue.

Is Hyros Soc 2 compliant?

Yes, Hyros is certified Soc 2 compliant using Drata.

Is Hyros GDPR compliant?

Yes, Hyros is GDPR compliant using Drata.

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