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11 Best Amazon Research Tools (2024) 🔬

Head West Team
Updated May 3, 2024
Our goal is to do the best independent research possible at zero cost to our readers. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. If you found this guide useful, please consider signing up through our link. Learn more

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout vs AMZ Scout vs Viral Launch vs SmartScout vs Zoof vs SellerAMP vs SellerLabs vs Keepa vs CamelCamelCamel vs Amaze Owl

Looking for an Amazon research tool? Awesome - in this guide we’ll cover the top 11 Amazon research tools and give our top picks.

Why you should trust us:

For this guide we’ve interviewed both Amazon FBA experts and Shopify brands that sell on Amazon. We've spoken with operators of smaller eCommerce brands and those running 9 figure brands. We’ve spent way too much time lurking Reddit and watching YouTube videos made by FBA gurus. All told we’ve done over 100 hours of research that we’ve summarized into this guide. 

Why do you need an Amazon research tool?

An Amazon research tool will help you do two core things: product and keyword research. It will help you come up with product ideas and validate demand for products. The more advanced tools like Jungle Scout and Helium 10 will offer a ton of additional benefits that we’ll describe below but at its core that is what each tool does.

You can mimic a lot of the functionality of these tools with free tools available and a lot of them offer free trials and limited chrome plugins. We recommend those as a great starting place. You don’t need to pay for the tools below. However, the free versions will have limits, so if you’re serious about selling on Amazon, we recommend a paid option at some point. 

The Amazon research tool category evolved organically. It got its start in 2015 when both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 were launched. They were both started by former Amazon store owners who were doing their own research on Amazon products and realized there weren’t great tools in the marketplace to help them do research. They developed their own tools to help them do this and realized there was more money to be made selling the tools to other Amazon sellers rather than selling on Amazon. Helium 10 and Jungle Scout have come to become the market leaders, but their success has led to a wave of new entrants competing with them.

Top Amazon Research Tools:

1) Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an excellent Amazon research tool. It along with Helium 10 are the most popular tools in the category. It has great data and product and keyword research functionality and will be cheaper than Helium 10 at higher price points.   


Basic - $49/mo Billed Monthly ($29/mo Billed Annually) 

Suite - $69/mo Billed Monthly ($49/mo Billed Annually) 

Professional - $129/mo Billed Monthly ($84/mo Billed Annually) 

Cobalt (Enterprise) - Pricing for their enterprise plan isn’t publicly disclosed, but we have heard that pricing starts at $2,500 per month per seat.

👉 Check out Jungle Scout here

2) Helium 10

Helium 10 is similar to Jungle Scout. It was started around the same time and is also very popular. People typically describe it as more advanced than Jungle Scout and we’ll dive into the reasons why below. 


Starter - $39/mo Billed Monthly ($29/mo Billed Annually) 

Platinum - $99/mo Billed Monthly ($79/mo Billed Annually) 

Diamond - $279/mo Billed Monthly ($229/mo Billed Annually) 

👉 Check out Helium 10 here

3) AMZ Scout

Founded in 2017, AMZ Scout is a newer entrant to the Amazon research tool space. It mimics a lot of the core functionality of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout but it lacks the full suite of tools of those competitors. Its pricing for its top plan is $50 per month which will make it cheaper than competitors so is worth considering if price is your top concern. 


Sellers bundle - $49.99/mo Billed Monthly ($31.58/mo Billed Annually) 

Offers additional add ons for $10 per month 

👉 Check out AMZ Scout here

4) Viral Launch

Viral Launch actually predates Helium 10 and Jungle Scout and was started in 2014. It offers similar comprehensive functionality to Jungle Scout and Helium 10 at a price to match.


Essentials - $69/mo Billed Monthly ($58/mo Billed Annually) 

Pro - $99/mo Billed Monthly ($83/mo Billed Annually) 

Pro Plus Ads - $199/mo Billed Monthly ($166/mo Billed Annually) 

👉 Check out Viral Launch here

5) SmartScout

Founded in 2020, SmartScout is the newest entrant in the category. It has a comprehensive set of features, including rank tracking, product relevancy, search term intent, competitor analysis, and historical revenue insights. It offers a weekly newsletter read by 30,000 Amazon professionals and features like the AI Listing Architect for creating optimized listings and the SmartScout University for learning how to leverage its tools effectively. 


Basic - $29/mo Billed Monthly ($25/mo Billed Annually) 

Essentials - $97/mo Billed Monthly ($75/mo Billed Annually) 

Business - $187/mo Billed Monthly ($158/mo Billed Annually) 

Enterprise - SmartScout also offers Enterprise plans but does not disclose pricing

👉 Check out SmartScout here

6) Zoof

Zoof was founded in 2019 by a teenage entrepreneur Brandon Snider. Zoof is an Amazon software suite that provides comprehensive data-driven insights for Amazon sellers, allowing them to analyze profitability, visualize revenue, costs, fees, and inventory, and make informed decisions based on data directly from Amazon. It offers tools for opportunity research, boosting organic rankings, and evaluating product profitability, along with a Google Chrome extension for easy access. Zoof aims to support sellers at all levels, from beginners to enterprise-level, and offers a fully functional free trial to showcase its time-saving and profit-boosting capabilities


Essentials - $59/mo Billed Monthly ($33/mo Billed Annually) 

Platinum - $97/mo Billed Monthly ($67/mo Billed Annually) 

Ultimate - $197/mo Billed Monthly ($157/mo Billed Annually) 

👉 Check out Zoof here

7) SellerAmp

SellerAmp was founded in 2019. SellerAmp it is a foundational tool for Amazon FBA product research, often used in conjunction with other tools like Keepa. It provides features such as a Chrome extension for product research, reverse sourcing methods, and sourcing techniques for finding quality deals and bestsellers on Amazon. SellerAmp is widely used by Amazon sellers to consistently find winning and profitable FBA products that are in demand, making it an essential tool for success in the e-commerce marketplace


Getting started - $19.95/mo Billed Monthly ($16.63/mo Billed Annually) 

Getting serious - $27.95/mo Billed Monthly ($23.29/mo Billed Annually) 

👉 Check out SellerAmp here

8) SellerLabs

SellerLabs is one of the OG Amazon product research tools. The company was founded in 2013 by Brandon Checketts, initially creating Feedback Genius to increase seller feedback volume, and has since expanded its platform to offer solutions for Amazon keyword research, PPC advertising, product discovery, and inventory management. Seller Labs is headquartered in Athens, GA, with engineering offices in multiple countries and over 200 employees worldwide, and it is committed to driving growth and quality while empowering sellers to succeed on Amazon and beyond


Pricing is based on Annual Amazon Sales

Up to $50k - $49/mo Billed Monthly ($39/mo Billed Annually) 

$50k to $250k - $99/mo Billed Monthly ($79/mo Billed Annually) 

$250k to $1M - $149/mo Billed Monthly ($119/mo Billed Annually) 

$1M+ - $299/mo Billed Monthly ($239/mo Billed Annually) 

👉 Check out SellerLabs (Scope) here

9) Keepa

Keepa is primarily a price tracking tool that is similar to CamelCamelCamel. It won’t have the full range of functionality of the other tools and it isn’t the most user friendly tool. 


Free Plan

Paid Plan - $17.50/mo Billed Monthly

👉 Check out Keepa here

10) CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is also a price tracking tool that won’t have the full range of functionality of the other tools.



👉 Check out CamelCamelCamel here

11) AmazeOwl

Founded in 2017, AmazeOwl is a powerful Amazon product research tool that provides precise data to help sellers find winning products, making it an ideal choice for FBA and private label sellers. Its simplicity and free plan make it particularly attractive for aspiring Amazon entrepreneurs, allowing them to quickly identify profitable products and kickstart their businesses. With features such as niche tracking, keyword monitoring, and a Chrome extension, AmazeOwl is designed to assist sellers in making informed decisions and expanding their Amazon businesses


Starter - Free

Growth - $19.99/mo Billed Monthly ($12.99/mo Billed Annually) 

Established - $29.95/mo Billed Monthly ($19.99/mo Billed Annually) 

👉 Check out Amaze Owl here

So which should you choose?

💡 Our take: We think Jungle Scout and Helium 10 are the two best tools. We've done a full breakdown on Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout. The TLDR, we think they’re both great tools and don’t think you can go wrong with either. We think Jungle Scout is best for smaller brands where price is the number one concern, and Helium 10 is best for bigger more established brands looking for more features. Brands can start on Jungle Scout and migrate to Helium 10 as they are looking for more features.

What we like about Helium 10 & Jungle Scout 👍:

Both Helium 10 & Jungle Scout have lots of similar features.

Similarly strong data quality

Both brands have internal research studies that say that their data is more accurate (Helium 10’s research & Jungle Scout’s research). So who has more accurate data? We think it’s a tie. At the end of the day, both tools are taking data inputs from Amazon to estimate sales. The key word is estimate. No tool will be 100% accurate all the time. But that's okay. We think both tools are directionally accurate enough. The goal of both tools is to reduce uncertainty when making decisions, and no tool will be able to completely eliminate uncertainty. People on Reddit will vocally argue for one tool’s accuracy over the others, but in our testing we haven’t seen a meaningful difference in data accuracy. Other third party tests have shown similar results (data).

Product Research Tools (Sales Estimator)

Both tools have features that let you research competitors’ products and source product ideas. Helium 10 has their Black Box tool and Jungle Scout has their Product Database tool. These tools will give you sales estimates, review summaries, historical pricing data, number of sellers and more. Both have huge databases of Amazon products that you can filter based on your specific criteria (e.g., products with at least 10k units per month in sales with less than 400 reviews). We’ll cover below that Helium 10 has more advanced filtering options, but we think both tools are great for product research. 

Keyword Research Tools

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout both have tools that help you estimate Amazon keyword search volumes. This can be extremely useful for evaluating new potential products to launch. Helium 10 has two tools for this. One called Cerebro which uses the unique Amazon product identification number (ASIN) to show the keyword searches that led to that product's purchase. The other tool is called Magnet where a user can enter a keyword or phrase and get the estimated search volume. Jungle Scout offers similar functionality with their Keyword Scout product. Some articles we’ve read incorrectly say that Jungle Scout does not have the reverse ASIN search functionality, but they do.

Listing Optimizer & Creator

Both have listing graders with ideas for optimization and tools for creating listings from keywords. Helium 10’s tool is called Listing Analyzer and Jungle Scout’s houses their Listing Optimization Score in their Listing Builder. Both tools also help you automatically create keyword optimized listings using AI. Helium 10 has the slight edge on listing optimization as it will give more insights for listing improvement than Jungle Scout. 

Chrome Plugins

Both tools have chrome plugins. Helium 10’s chrome plugin is available here, and Jungle Scout’s is available here. We recommend you download them both and play around with them. They’re a great free starting place. By upgrading to paid plans you will make both plugins more powerful. 

Educational Resources

Both have great resources to learn about the art of selling on Amazon and getting maximum value out of the tools. We give the slight edge to Helium 10 for their access to the Freedom course in all price tiers (discussed below), but we think they both have great training resources. 

Automated emails

Emailing your customers and encouraging them to leave reviews is crucial for the success of your Amazon listing. Both tools offer automated emailing capabilities. Helium 10 includes it in their Platinum and Diamond plans and Jungle Scout includes it in their basic plan. 

Helium 10 & Jungle Scout Pricing 💰:

Jungle Scout has an edge when it comes to pricing. Jungle Scout’s tools will be cheaper than Helium 10’s. They both offer three pricing tiers with more features added as you go up the pricing tiers. The pricing is comparable in their least expensive tiers, but Helium 10 gets more expensive than Jungle Scout in their more advanced tiers.

👉 Both companies offer a 7 day money back guarantee so if you’re not happy with either simply contact them in the 7 day window to cancel your subscription and get your money back.

Our Budget Pick for Newer Brands

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has all of the key features needed in an Amazon research tool at an affordable price.

Where Jungle Scout has an edge:


For those whose primary concern is pricing, Jungle Scout has the edge. It will be cheaper than Helium 10 especially in the higher tier plans.

Supplier Database

Jungle Scout offers a much more robust supplier database. You can use this database to find the suppliers that your competitors are using to source their products. Some people subscribe to both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout just for this feature. It can be extremely helpful in sourcing products.

Giveaway / Promotions platform

We think this feature is more of a nice to have, but Jungle Scout offers the ability to manage product gifting in their platform. This can help seed products for reviews when you launch a product. The performance of your product launch is critical to the performance of your listing overall, so we do recommend focusing on it.  

Our Upgraded Pick for Established Brands

Helium 10

Helium 10 has more advanced features than Jungle Scout and its higher price will be justified for larger brands.

Where Helium 10 has an edge:

Helium 10 offers lots of features that aren’t available with Jungle Scout. We cover the most important below.

Walmart Data

If you’re planning to sell on Walmart.com in addition to Amazon, then we recommend Helium 10. It’s the only one of the two that offers Walmart data in addition to Amazon data (on the Platinum and Diamond plans).

Refund Genie 

Helium 10 has a unique product called Refund Genie. Although Amazon has a world class fulfillment network, they sometimes make mistakes and lose or damage your inventory. When this happens you are entitled a refund, but the typical Amazon seller refund process is confusing and time consuming. With Refund Genie, Helium 10 automatically tracks 4 different reasons for inventory reimbursement (lost / damaged inventory etc.) and gives you pre-written messages to send along with your Amazon seller reimbursement requests. This ensures that you are paid all of the refunds that are owed to you. Some people find that this feature alone is enough to pay for the cost of their subscription.

More robust dashboards, filters, alerts, and reverse ASIN search

Jungle Scout offers dashboards, filters, alerts, and reverse ASIN search, but they are more robust with Helium 10. Some articles incorrectly state that Jungle Scout doesn’t offer these features. They do. However, Helium 10 gives you more features in all of these categories.

Educational Resources

Both tools have great educational resources but we give the edge to Helium 10. Helium 10 has put together an entire Amazon selling course called Freedom Course which is available to subscribers on all plans. Amazon gurus might charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for a similar course. Jungle Scout charges $999 for their course. 

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